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Add ability to search for instances of custom data types

Sometimes it is useful to be able to search for instances of custom data types. Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be a way to do this in TestStand.  It would be really nice if you could search for instances of types in the Types window or perhaps through the Find/Replace utility:





Trusted Enthusiast

What version of TestStand are you using? The latest version of TestStand already has support to match to type names with the "Find" feature which allows you to effectively find all instances.




I have been using TestStand 2010 SP1.  That's great to know that this has been implemented in the latest version of TestStand.  Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Knight of NI

It would still be nice to be able to initiate the search from the Custom Data Type tab by right-clicking on the custom data type definition.

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Agreed.  At least they have added the capability to the Find/Replace utility, though.

Active Participant

I have also had luck using Find/Replace in files.  Search for empty string, and set your filter (second tab) to only search within objects of type "foo" (whatever you are looking for).  Results take a little sorting through, but it can get the job done.


Oh yeah -- and don't forget to undo the "search only within types of XXXX" when you are done -- otherwise you'll be pulling your hair out next time you are doing a search and aren't expecting it to filter on only certain types.


Another helpful suggestion.  Thanks.