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Add JSON string function

Status: New

when manipulating data between different system, JSON string are very usefull to have a standardize, simple and readable exchange format.


Python or LabVIEW can dump structure (dictionnaires or Cluster) to JSON and vice versa.

It can be very usefull to allow to dump a TestStand variable or container to JSON and vice versa.


It can be good to have also a way to have native function in string functions to read, write or add a specific value in a JSON string.



Maxime R.  

  CLA - Certified LabVIEW Architect / Architecte LabVIEW Certifié
  CTA - Certified TestStand Architect / Architecte TestStand Certifié

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I agree with this.  Python natively can determine data types "automatically".  All NI software is very manual for selecting and managing data types.  I'd like to see this more easily managed.  


My last project with Python/TS, we passed data through JSON strings as it was the easiest method we could figure out to make the transfer work.

Jonathan M. Slavic
Senior Staff Engineer
Mine Safety Appliances Co. (MSA)