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Peer Review Checksheet

I would like to propose an idea for National Instruments to come up with a LabWindows CVI Peer Review Form. This form would be used to help a software programmer or engineer review someone else's code to ensure that they wrote the best code possible. It would provide a quick set of questions which the reviewers would need to look for in the code and then answer. The form would help ensure that the code was designed in a format that is easy-to-read, efficient, set up for all possible failures, is as organized as possible, etc. There could be separate sections based on the different types of files, whether it's a .uir, .c or .h file.


This idea is not new, since here is an example style checklist for LabView:


Status changed to: In Development


Hi dstochel,


Thank you for your post. We are beginning development of a checklist similiar to LabVIEW's but for LabWindows/CVI development best practices. I'm sure it will go through many iterations so feel free to post any other thoughts of what you think should be included in the checklist.




Collin Draughon

CVI Product Manager

National Instruments


Collin D.
Software Product Manager

This is great news! Thanks so much! I'll pass this information to my team and see if they have any ideas for this form.