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Collaspe and expand in switch structure

Under labwindows CVI 2015, I develop a program using a state machine. For this I use a "switch".
The program is voluminous, and in order to browse it more quickly, it would be very interesting to allow the collapse and the expansion of the boxes in a structure "switch"

Knight of NI

This problem sounds analogous to someone trying to code an entire LabVIEW program in one VI taking up numerous screens.  If you have long stretches of commands within a switch structure, shouldn't each of those sections of code be made into a subroutine?


Of course, and it's already done. But that is not enough
The collapse and expansion is operational for all other strcutures (if, for, while, do ...), so why not for the "switch"

Trusted Enthusiast

Of course, for reasons of consistency, switch statements also should be collapsible.

However, they already are (at least in CVI2015 SP1)


I only have the version CVI2015 base.
I'll see to install the SP1.
thanks for the information.

Proven Zealot

The typical state machine built into a switch has normally very large code in each switch case. In this case it would be practical to collapse single cases code, while at present only the while switch can be collapsed. I suppose this is what AfgVD is looking for, and surely is what I would look for!

Proud to use LW/CVI from 3.1 on.

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Hi AfgVD,


Thanks for your post! I think I understand what you're looking for but just to be sure, in addition to being able to collapse the switch statement itself, you want to be able to close all of the cases themselves, is this correct? 

So from this:


To this:case_close.png

Collin D.
Software Product Manager
Status changed to: Under Consideration
Collin D.
Software Product Manager



Yes it is exactly that