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Simulate cRIO chassis for development away from the chassis

Right now, you can simulate the I/O from an FPGA target. Timing features and other hardware-specific VIs are not executed, but the code still functions and allows you to debug certain aspects of it without working through the compile process. It would be similarly helpful if you could simulate the real-time controller, or a cRIO in scan mode, with simulated IO. Again, the resultant VI will not be truly realtime, but it would allow useful development without having constant access to the cRIO.



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Ooops, I somehow managed to put this in the wrong idea exchange. Smiley Indifferent

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That could dovetail into this idea.


Virtual Machine to Run LVRT

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Definitely true, but this seemed like it would be easier for the developers, since they (presumably) have some sort of system in place for the FPGA code.

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Doesn't matter... This is a great and long awaited feature..



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We have done some exploration of this idea, and are interested in learning more about customer requirements.


- Would everyone need access to shared variables and other network communication from the simulated environment?

- Would everyone need to integrate compiled libraries (necessitating that we run the LabVIEW Real-Time OS under the hood)

- Would everyone be interested in simulating an entire target, or just choosing to run a VI in a LabVIEW project in "simulation mode" (this is similar to LabVIEW FPGA simulation).


Please post your thoughts.


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Casey Weltzin

Product Manager, LabVIEW Real-Time

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YES on all three


Definitely simulate the entire target.


Any news on this? I would love it!


The idea was first proposed in 2011.  A query from 2013 as to the status got no apparent response.  Now it's 2014...  I'm hoping someone is still monitoring this thread.  Has this functionality been developed yet?  I need to do some development, but cannot interfere with the production environment and do not have the extra hardware to set up a full test environment.  A cRIO chassis simulator would really, really help right now.


Any updates on adding "Simulate cRIO chassis".. It will be very helpful! 

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Any update on this feature.. I'm looking for this kind of simulation.