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I have recently to work with a RT application.


In this application, i used a property node in order to get all values of an ENUM.



=> This feature works fine when you debug your application using LabVIEW on the host ! Smiley Wink


=> But the same code doesn't work in real RT execution. Smiley Sad


I know very well that some property nodes doesn't work in RT programming, but when you have to go from windows application, to FPGA, to Crio, ... you often forgot this point ! LabVIEW should help us to limit this kind of mistakes !


It would be nice, if LabVIEW could break RT VI's, or generate a list of warning during RT application build, when an application is using non RT compatible property nodes !


It would be nice to get this warning during the compilation time, and not only at runtime ! 

It would also be nice, if the LabView RT debug tool could generates the same errors than a real RT target.


Thanks for help.