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Real-Time Clock configuration in Measurement & Automation Explorer

A number of times, I have found the Real-Time Clock configuration screen in Measurement & Automation Explorer to be very limited. With only the options to set the Time-Zone/Daylight Savings Time/UTC, I feel like there could and should be more!


Adding a feedback to show what the current RTC is set to similar to the Windows Clock configuration would be GREAT! Additionally, add the functionality of the RT Set Date/Time VI to Measurement & Automation Explorer.


We frequently run into issues where the Daylight Saving Time value is different between the US and the rest of the world (frequently=twice a year).


I believe all of this can be resolved by adding 1 layer of abstraction to translate a base RT system clock to the user-specified specifications to be added to timestamp data, schedule tasks, and so-forth.


National Instruments
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Have you taken a look at MAX 4.7 with a LabVIEW RT 2010 target.  You may find it more useful.


Screen shot 2011-01-09 at 9.18.40 AM.png