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CAN slave interface - with CANOpen Slave API

Status: New

We could solve a lot of our designs with sbRIO and LabVIEW RT if the sbRIOs' CAN interface was designed to be a slave, and there was a DS301 compliant CANOpen slave API available for LabVIEW RT.


I'm a bit surprised that only the master side is covered today, as I'm sure a lot of people will utilize sbRIOs in devices that are more natural to define as slaves, not masters.


Throw in a dual set of equivalent network interfaces and the sbRIO platform and RT is an ideal platform for subsea instrumentation, with SIIS Level 2 (CANOpen) and SIIS Level 3 (Ethernet) communication capabilities, at least as long as the power requirements are kept low.

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Yes, especially for validating designs in HIL-Tests you have to simulate CANopen-slaves to verify the correct behaviour of your control unit. I was also truly surprised that there's no LabVIEW support nor VeriStand custom devices available.

Certified LabVIEW Architect