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2009 Student Design Showcase Projects

Top Student Applications:

Mashavu Stethoscope  Project

Description:  Develop an inexpensive digital stethoscope  to collect heart and lung sounds to  improve healthcare for patients in East Africa.

Penn State, Department of  Bioengineering

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Automatic Bartender,  S.A.R.A.

Description:  Embedded bartending  system that uses pneumatics to deliver drinks to relieve congestion at bars on busy nights

University of California at Berkeley, Mechanical  Engineering

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Autonomous Helicopter, S.P.A.R.R.O.W.

Description:  Create a self-piloted unmanned aerial vehicle  (UAV) in the form of a helicopter platform.

University  of California at Berkeley, Mechanical and Electrical  Engineering

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Additional Student Design Applications:

Chinese Chess Robot

Development of a software for hydrodynamics performance tests of prosthetic cardiac valves using a P...

Design and Development of a Humanoid Robot Control System Integrated to Imagen Acquisition System

Remote Control and Supervision of the Relative Humidity Standards of Colombia

To acquire, draw and process motor and transformer signals from the Laboratory of Electrical Machine...

Bioengineering with LabVIEW

Measurement control system for biomass gas engines

Frequency-Domain Optical Coherence Tomography (FD-OCT)

Development of Remote Structural Health Monitoring System Using NI LabVIEW

Dynamic Tire Load Acquisition for Ground Vehicle Handling Analysis with NI CompactRIO

Foot Pressure Monitor Phase II

Mashavu Stethoscope 1

Laboratory stand of automatic control an aerodynamic object

UniFuzzy System

Software for frequency analysis of stabliographical signals for estimating the functional state of a...

Development the research stand of characteristics of the mechatronic modules with the help of equipm...

NI Compact RIO for Real-Time Energy and Information Management of the PV-H2 Research Vessel Solgenia

S3 Separate Steering System using NI Smart Camera

NI WorldClass - Senior Students Programming Mobile Robots Using NI Compact RIO

Application of National Instrument’s PDA acquisition technology to measure the intrinsic muscles of ...

Mashavu Stethoscope 1

Mashavu Stethoscope Project 2

Mashavu Adult Weighing Scale Project

Mashavu Infant Weighing Scale Project

Mashavu Spirometer Project

Mashavu Pulse Rate Project

Mashavu Thermometer Project

Mashavu Blood Pressure Project 1

Mashavu Blood Pressure Project 2

Upper-Air Sounding System

Autonomous Helicopter Project

Etch-a-Sketch Project: Sketchy Business

Mobile Monitoring and Control of a Small Hydro Power Plant

FPGA driven Real Time Video Capture and Barcode Scanning using NI LabVIEW

Affordable Cyclic Voltammetry for High Schools

Hospital Automation

Programming and Control of Five Degree of Freedom Articulated Robot through LabVIEW Software

eServices in Industrial Engineering and Small & Medium Enterprises

Building Automation System Using Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)

Projects that will not be featured online:

Advanced complex software system for Optical Coherence Tomography measurements of paper properties


Microfluidics Microscope

Pulse Oximetry: Improving Patient Interface and Data Acquisition

Noninvasive System for Detecting Pneumothorax

A LabVIEW-based Fetal Electrocardiogram Monitoring System

UT Skeleton Sled Design

Open for all virtual laboratory on the Internet

Development of measurement system for diagnostics of electrical power network disturbances

Universal test instrument of electrical household applicances for design engineers

Teaching assistance for electronic courses using NI ELVIS II

Princeton University and EPICS: Urban Factory Renewal

IPRO Students Address Global Problems

EPICS Penn State

Using Practicing Engineers versus TAs to Improve Course and Project Outcomes in a Service Learning Course for Freshman Engineering Students

Recruitment, Retention and Service-Learning in Engineering