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select which plot to view on a waveform chart

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Hi guys,

              i am logging about 30 channels of data and would like to have 1 waveform chart with a drop-down box which allows the user to select one channel to display on the waveform graph, i cant figure out how to do this, i cant seem to find a relevent property node in the chart options.


Thanks Zac.

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Hi friends


I am Joseph from London.

This is good idea I agree with your suggestion.




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I’m not sure if you have a chart or a graph, you mention both. Hhere’s a possible solution for a chart (live data arriving in the loop), a graph would be very similar. You could handle the selection change with an event structure rather than the shift register. Hope this gives you some ideas. Ian
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If you prefer not to use a seperate dropdownlist, you can work with shortcut menus as well.


The attached example is LV 8.6.


hope this helps,



[Edit] Corrected small error in example 

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Hi Norbert. I like your way of using the menu, I’ve not spotted that before. Ian
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Thanks guys, thats just what i needed.



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Hang on a minute....


when i create an "active.plot" property node it doesnt have the "plot.visible" bit on it.  How can i creat a property node with active.plot and plot.visible like in your examples?


thanks Zac

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Just enlarge the property node by one (drag the "bottom" down when the mousepointer becomes an up/down-arrow) and select as new (second) property plot >> visible.


hope this helps,


CEO: What exactly is stopping us from doing this?
Expert: Geometry
Marketing Manager: Just ignore it.
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Or right click on the property node and click "add element"
Cory K
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thanks i've found it now.


I'm still struggling, i'm trying to create a seperate plot for a number of front pannel numberic indicators, so each indicator will have its own plot.


I dont understand where the multiple plots come from in your examples, you use a random number in a for loop, so is the loop itteration what creates the plots e.g 10 itterations means a graph/chart with 10 different plots ?


and how do i feed my multiple numeric indicators or local variables in to different plots, and how do i specify which is which, e.g numeric indicator 3 is plot 1 or what ever...


Thanks Zac.

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