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receiving sms using labview

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I can not open the file because I use labviev 8.6. Post a picture of the block diagram and I'll get back to you soon.

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Tank you Trajan..

Take a look on this




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which modem u r using for receiving the SMS? u can try my VI... I attched the block diagram.... 

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I use gt000 modem for sending and receiving SMS messages (

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HI Jospeh,


on the page 3 of this post you can find my test program for receiving SMS messages live. Change some parameters of the Init subVI according to your modem (baud rate, handshanking,...). Start the program than send SMS message and modem will read the sent message. With this program you cannot read already received SMS messages. For reading these SMS messages you shoud use List command. Go to my site to download subVI for listing SMS messages.

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 I am using sim900..

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hello Trajan,

your vi (simple rec sms vi (on page 3)) in not working for me, when it comes to the first case structure it will go automatically to False case as you can see. Even listing sms is not working is running without error but I am getting nothing

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Trajan , when i am trying to send sms by using your VI I am getting this error..and i dont know why..

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Hi..Joseph.. I checked your VI...I did some corrections in your VI...My GSM module also Sim900.. The changed VI is completely working properly...So, I hope that it can work...

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Hi Jospeh,


form the picture you posted I can see that you did not copy my program from this forum and you made an error. After control "Serial port" should be call "Init serial", not "GSM command" as you did.If the program doesn't work then start it in the debug mode. Go into any subVI and record errors and inform me.


Also when you specify phone number start wit + sign followed by country code.I hope this will help.















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