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receiving sms using labview

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Try this program. This program requires some subroutines from my site, but you can analyze them and if necessary to write in LV 14 ..
Regarding the use of my subroutines probably the problem is  conversion of programs from LV to 8.6 LV 14th.

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actually i tried this program in both lb 2014 and 7.1...i tried rebuilding it by seeing than converting it... but i get the command AT+CMGR in the read buffer... the byte count is changing when the msg is received so i assume that it receives the msg.. but the sent msg should be shown in read buffer rite..?? ..the msg is not shown... i ve attached the file which i tried in lb 7.1.. i dnt have 8.6...  may tbe yu can open this one... plzz check wther its wrking... actually i hope its receiving the message but it is not displaying it as string... hope yu understnd the problem i m facing... 

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i tried the vi's in ur website.. the software is getting hanged up... another thing is i ve lv2014 but i cant wrk with it.. i m using speedy33 kit which only wrks wth labview 7.1... so i cant use the vi's in the website... 

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Because you can not read my subVIs analyse images of every subVI and manually enter the code in LV 7.1. it will last but I hope it will be successful.

By the way, every modem command should be terminated with CR not CR&LF as you did in your program.

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i tried ur vi but i am getting error

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Excuse for delayed reply.... 

What is your requirement exactly..? You want to receive msg...?

Use this uploaded code to receive the msg using GSM 900 module

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