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receiving sms using labview

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Do you have any idea on how to receive SMS by using labVIEW? I have tried the AT commands using hyperterminal to recieve the SMS, but i don't know how to continue on labVIEW to receive? 

Is the concept same with the sending SMS in labVIEW?? 

Thanks Smiley Happy

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Accepted by topic author MiBL

Hi MiBL,


If you could do that using AT Commands, its the same in LabVIEW as well. Use  the VISA functions, Write the commands using the Write functions to the modem and read the same using the read commands. You may even find some examples for this if you search the forum properly.;)



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HI NItz,

thanks for your reply.

Any idea for how to find out the example codes for recieivng sms by labVIEW??

I tried to find out but so far can't find them..


Thank you for your help 

best regards 

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Hi MiBL,


For recieving sms by labVIEW you can use the VISA write function and write the AT+CMGR command into the port and then use a VISA Read function to read the sms from the modem. For example if you want to read the 3 message you can write the code AT+CMGR=3. Also include a small delay of may be 1000 milli seconds between writing and reading the sms. Try this and let me know if you have any trouble. Do post your code if you face and issues.


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Hi NItz,

thanks for your reply.... I am confused abit... as my sequences in receiving SMS at hyperterminal was started with new message notification which is "AT+CNMI=1,2,0,0,0" ,as shown in below.



if you don't mind, can i have an example code or any sequences in details for receiving SMS in labVIEW? Should i have to do together under same VI (send SMS and receive SMS together in same VI)? 
Thanks  heaps for your help....  

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Hi Nitz,

This is the link that I refer to for sending and receiving SMS at hyperterminal.

As, there is two types of receiving SMS (AT commands) which is


(i) AT+CNMI=1,1,0,0,0  (which needs to write AT+CMGR=message location at sim card) in below figure



Secondly is AT+CNMI=1,2,0,0,0 (which doesn't need to write command to read the new message) in below figure.



In labview, which one is most suitable, I prefer use AT+CNMI=1,2,0,0,0 as we no need to write command for read new message!! 

If you don't mind, any idea or steps for testing in labVIEW? 

THanks heaps 🙂 

best Regards 

MiBL Smiley Very Happy

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HI Nitz, 

i have tried  the receiving sms by labview according to your idea, but i think there is an error in this, 

if you don't mind, can you help me to recover these erros? 

Thanks heaps... 

Looking forward your reply asap 🙂

The picture below shown is the error that occurred in receiving sms labview VI. and I have attached my VI also.  

Error in receiving sms.jpg

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Hi MiBL,


could you please take a look at this KBs? I think that it is reffering to the same error you are getting.

Best regards,
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You need to post a link that people in the outside world can see. is only visible to NI employees.

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hi jan,

thanks for reply,... I can't go to the site that u referred! can u please reupload again 

what is the meaning of KBs, by the way? 


I am using the labVIEW version of 2009, for testing how to receive the SMS by it, are there any example codes beside the  basic serial read and  which can be found in NI find examples... as I don't know how to apply this example code.


thanks alot for your help.

Happy Blissful New Year 🙂 

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