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receiving sms using labview

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Thanks for your concerned reply.....

I would like to enquiry on receiving SMS by labview from the PDF I have attached in it.  For the receiving SMS part, do i need to consider about the signal intensity condition, as I saw the example code but I didn't understand how it work! 
Would you mind,  can you please help me how does the main program works as i shown the figures below!!.. 

Figure 1: main program overview
main program overview.JPG

the figure 1 is showing the main program overview which i found out in the attached PDF, but i didn't understand how does it work... while the figure 2 shows the checking of GSM signal intensity. 

figure 2: 
PS: I m using the labview version of 2009. 
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Hi all,


sorry for the incorrect link. This one should work.


Best regards,
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Hi MiBL,


first you did not add the pictures you are reffering to and also your formatting seems a bit off.


I checked the pdf file that you attached.


The signal intensity subVI is as far as I can see used to show the user intensity of the signal, so you might probably omit it.


As far as the main block diagram is concerned do you have some specific question? You are reading and writing from the serial port and depending on the message recieved choose a subVI to be run.

Best regards,
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can i have the vi for 8.6 version...Thanks a loy

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I've just post a set of programs  for GSM modem on the following site:


With these subVIs you can send, receive, delete and list SMS meseges. Also you can easily test AT commands.

If you have some questions regarding to using programs do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail.


Trajan Stalevski

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hi I am also havving the problem in sms receiving.... could you help me out with this... I attched the Vi..

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Sorry, I can not read your programs because my LaBVIEW version is 8.6. Try my set of subVI's for sending/receiving SMS messages and inform me about eventual problems.


best regards


Trajan Stalevski



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I already used your code sir. But it doesn't receive the SMS. IF I am using your code means, should i want to keep the GSM toolkit?

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 I do not like to  burden this forum with our correspondence, please inform me in details about specific problems by email. What kind of GSM modem are you using (RS232 or USB port),.. and many other details. Can you send SMS message with my subVI's? 





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Hi Trajan,


I would advice keeping such conversations on this forum itself. Discussions regarding debugging and providing solutions to such problems, are reitrating processes and someone or the other is going to come back to this thread looking for a solution for their similar problems. So such discussions are never a burden to the forum. In fact, that's what the forum is for. Unless you are discussing something really personal, try to keep it within the forum so that every one gets the benifits of the forum.



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