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enum to string

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Ton posted "I doubt that, ..."
Lets say that I had also mentioned that behaviour was observed under LV 6.1 Real-Time, would you still doubt it?
Please see here. So if I am crazy I have been constantly crazy. Smiley Very Happy

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Sorry, I must have mist the fineprint Smiley Very Happy

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i am getting corresponding ring value from other source... i just wanted to  match the string to corresponding value from the source... i already made one ring ctrl, that i made as a strict type control.
find this attachment, in that array variable type and data format i made a ring control with defined value, i just wanted to extract these information  and show in table.
in above source mentioned as array.
Balaji DP
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Hi balaji_dp...,

one solution is to create a property node of the control inside the cluster with "Strings and Values". Search for your selected value and show the corresponding string.


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Perhaps I'm just a little dense this morning, but it seems that the user is now asking for something completely different (wouldn't be the first time around here), as in matching a string to a list of values. I see no string input in your VI, Mike.
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ya you got my point .....!

this is the thing i finding for.....


i need to show the value of corresponding string only......


Balaji DP
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can you explain that one again?

more slowly and clearly?  😉

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i have the third party instruments, for that i made a driver to access through labview.....
when i am read the variable type of i/o's  that will be return only a numbers.. like 50, 52, 54, 56... these values are corresponding that strings of I/O's type like digital input, digital output, analog input, analog output......
also, i can send (write) the variable type to that third party instruments....for that i made a ring control for my flexibility.... in my ring control has for strings and values are like  digital input - 50, digital output-52, analog input - 54, analog output - 56....
i cant able to change these values (Values in ring control), because the hardware will keep indentify only these values only....
i done coding for writing variable type to the controller .....
at the moment i want to retrieve the string corresponding values from the ring control.....
find this attachemtn
Balaji DP
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Hi balaji_dp...,
sorry for my last post, but i think it´s not complete wrong. You can change it to string and then you should get what you need.

Hope it helps.
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Thanks, this is more useful for constants 😉

Ben escribió:

Mike and Jorge,

Try "format into string".

I think you'll like it. Smiley Wink


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