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Can I combine global shared variable libraries?

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Every time I add a Global Shared Variable, another Untitled Library (lvlib) is added to my project.  I now have 11 of them!  Can these be combined into one library?

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I'm not sure how you are created your shared variables.  I imagine if you do it from a higher level of the project, it creates a new library and a variable within it.

If you create a new variable by right clicking on an existing library in the project, you should place the new variable within that library.


If they are all "Untitled", that means they probably haven't been saved yet.  You should be able to drag them from one library to another within the Project Explorer window.  Don't forget to save the final library.

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Thanks!!  Your siggestions worked perfectly.


Dragging the variables from one library to another worked fine, then I just renamed and saved my full library and deleted the empty ones.


I see how you can create the variables by rt-clicking the library.  Then you can just drag copies into the VI where they are needed.

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