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Web Server Not Enabling

Hi Jeff!


Well, i figured I might as well try to do a repair on LV yesterday and it worked. So basically, I believe that no matter what you install that causes the Server to stop functioning, a LabView core install repair is the way to go.


Thanks for the help,


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Is there a definite solution to this yet?


I have similar problem with NI System Web Server not running.  I get 1075 error when I try to manually start the service.  I discovered the issue when my LV FPGA compiler was not respoding to compile request.  I'm going through LV 2012 and device drivers repairs for hours.  I'm running LV 2012 SP1 on Win7 32-bit system.


Thought I might ask the folks who already dealt with this.

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In the future, please make a new thread instead of replying to a thread that is almost a year old.


I am not aware of a definite solution to this but based on your error message, it seems that repairing your LabVIEW intsall may be the best way to eliminate this error.  The following Knowledge Base article may loosely apply to your situation.


Why Do I Get Error 1075 when Trying to Start the National Instruments mDNS Responder Service?:





Cameron T
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Try restarting the NI Authentication service.  Something my company pushed down to my computer causes FPGA compile issues.  restarting it restarts both the system and application web servers which may help you fellows.


I've also found that my 64-bit web server will not run if the (32) bit webserver is already running.

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