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Web Server Not Enabling

really? ouch. if you go to control panel>>administrative tools>>services, do you see the National Instruments System Web Server listed? It should be active... but it sounds like it isn't. I wonder if this is a "new" problem or related to the "old" one with the application web server.


either way, way to take one for the team Smiley Wink


[edit: ok, I see that you did this and it worked... didn't work for me but I'm glad it did for you. Still, there's something buggy in SP1 (and it looks like 2011 beta too)]

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It didn't work for me before, I got that 1075 error whenever I tried to start the service manually. Unfortunately it works on my home PC, not my work PC (I wont be able to reformat my work PC).


The main thing is that it didn't work through the normal channels (Web Service Config--localhost:3580), I had to manually activate the service.

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Hmm I'm not seeing this same problem after I updated to SP1.  So restarting the service worked for you, NelsonUWP?  Do you have to start it manually everytime you want to use the webserver?

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I don't think so. It was completely disabled so I switched it to "Automatic" and now it works. This is at home.


At work... (2009 SP1, 2010 SP1, 2011 Beta) it doesn't work at all and I get the erros mentioned on page 1 of this thread.

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This is definitely looking like a bug right now.  In every instance that this problem occurred, did you have the web server set to "enabled" during the 2010 SP1 upgrade?  I think my web server was off when I upgraded.

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Originally, I don't know what it was set to, I think they try to set it by default (at least it was set when I reformatted and reinstalled 2010). All I know is, it didn't work.


When I reformatted and reinstalled 2010, it was set to enabled by default and then still enabled when I upgraded to SP1. After I upgraded to SP!, it seeme to shut off and then I couldn't set it using localhost:3580, I had to manually start the service.

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Mine was definitely enabled before the SP1 upgrade.

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This is a bug and we have been able to duplicate this behavior.  We are currently looking into what is causing this and what the solution is.  For now, you can get everything correctly working by restarting the computer, then going to Add/Remove Programs >> NI Software and repairing whatever is the latest install of LabVIEW is.

If the repair doesn't work, please let me know.
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Repaired SP1 and still not working. Also still getting the same error when trying to manually start the service.

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I repaired SP1 and it works. For some reason I can only use my localhost address now and not the IP, but that's probably my fault.



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