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Triggering led

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Also, you can configure your Call Library Function by right clicking and then choosing the type of data you want to output. Is it necessary for your Call Library Function to out put I32?


Sorry, it is difficult to advice further without knowing the whole code.


Also, look here for above refererence

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Hi RedAG,


It is a long time ago. I have good news. I finished the first part. Still in the second part, I did not find the way to solve my problem yet for the second part.



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Hi Nadjil,


If I remember correct, your second part of the project involved sending digital pulses at a set interval or at intervals you choose? Is this the case? If so, it can be done easily. I am not sure your device, the K8055 have a digital pulse generator. If it does, you can program it to do so.



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Hi RedAG,


K8055 does not have counter, I have to program it. Do you have link for that?

Alos I have to record the signal. I have to put it in a sheet or file.
I have to measure the time between each pulse from my signal.


What can I use to do that?


Kind regards,


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I have no idea how to program the K8055 or for that matter, know nothing of it.


How are you planning to send the signal from your K8055?

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The first part of my work, I build counter for my signal every one second I send my pulse to trigger the IR-LED.


The second part, I can not do that. I don't when I got my signal. I need to build another counter but the time should be different or shorter. Using this counter to plot my signal on wavegraph then export it to excel file where I can see my signal I measured.


After that I want to put both in one package to run them at the same time. I know this possible in LabVIEW but still don't know how to do it yet!!!???



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Nadjil, could you please explain the 2nd part of your project again, I don't understand your last reply.

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Hi RedAG,


It is been a long time, after I did the first part and it is working also accepted from my supervisor. I am blocked by the 2nd part. I am working on it, I build my circuit but it doesn't working good yet. 


I want to ask you do you know how to record a signal in LabVIEW then transferee it to array or table. I am suing waveform chart to look to my signal.

x-axis: for time

y-axis: for amplitude


I am interest in time, I want to measure the time between each signal. I don't know how to do it or if there is another function or block to do that???

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Hi Nadjil,


I don't understand what you mean by recording the signal.


The time difference between two amplitudes can be easily measure. I am not sure what kind of signal you have, analog or digital, so here are soem links for both.


Also have a read through this if you have the time

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My signal is digital.


I have light gate, when the light cut I got my signal to the input of k8055 (digital input).

Every time the the light cut I got a pulse. I need to measure the time between the first pulse and the second pulse.

Then put everything in a file where I can read it. Because this pulses are responsible for triggering the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging).

I have to know the time difference between each pulse in msec.


I found a block for pulse duration, but I have the problem with time, I don't have counter on k8055 I made one but does not work good with the function block I found.

I am going to read the links you send me, thank you.

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