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Button/Boolean mouse hover not working on 64 Bit LabVIEW

Hi Nicolas,


please see my post


It is definately not a fix, but switching to silver based controls eliminates this problem, since there are no hover states with silver controls.




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@milad_berlin wrote:

It is definately not a fix, but switching to silver based controls eliminates this problem, since there are no hover states with silver controls.

So the hover over behavior that is stopping is the problem, and the solution is to remove the hover over behavior?


Deleting the booleans also solves the problem...

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I don't think you understand what I mean with my comment. The software I write in my company is being used by 50+ ppl. I got a lot of emails and calls regarding this issue. That's why I started this topic ...


Since there is no fix available, I switched over to the silver-based controls.


Downside: Yes there is no hover effects anymore, which is nice to have for the users. So they know, that they can interact with the control...


Upside: Most importantly the users do not get confused anymore by the random button hover/click behavior/visualization and I don't get any calls/mails regarding that issue.


Just a workaround for those who are in a similar position.


So your comment about deleting booleans is completely misplaced.

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@milad_berlin wrote:

So your comment about deleting booleans is completely misplaced.

Not completelly (esp. witout any context), but maybe a bit 😊.


You have to admit (I thing you actually did) that removing a feature because the feature sometimes stops working is hardly a workaround. This is a bit like replacing an escalator with a stair because the escalator sometimes stops working.


Anyway, good that it works for you. Have you tried the events trick? That works too if you can live with just two images (true\hovering and false\!hovering)...

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The thing is, the elevator is not broken. It is just the button that looks weird sometimes :D. The boolean works fine with the event structure. Really it is just a cosmetic thing. I am sure u can fix the issue by handling the mouse over events, but having a lot of booleans and different VI's, that is just too much work. I simply created a set of silver-custom booleans, select all booleans and then via quick-drop CTRL-P. No coding 😄

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Well, you could use VI server to get all boolean control references. It wouldn't be too much programming. With callback events, you wouldn't even need to stop the VI.

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I really wish NI would put additional effort into solving this.  The issues has been going on for two years (at least), and we shouldn't need to implement silly workarounds or give up on using 6-state buttons.  Please fix the root problem NI - these types of issues make people shy away from using LabVIEW for "real" applications.


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Has anyone tried this in LV2020 beta?


There are related issues; IIRC at least with NXG style Boolean controls \w 64 bit LV. If this got fixed or worked on, our problem might have gone away by coincides.

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Thanks for the update!
I am currently designing an important application. Actually, I'm might consider writing an article about it.

The thing is, there is a lot of Boolean with mouseover effect in this ap. It will take ages to revert it back to 4 states Boolean.
It's a shame that this bug has been around during almost 2 years.

Keep us posted if you discover anything on this matter.






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I wish I read this thread earlier, spent the day customizing booleans that have a hover state. It was working beautifully for awhile and then just stopped. Wasted a day. LabVIEW 2019 64 bit.



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