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Search utility for LabVIEW

By treading VIs and LV projects as graphs, we can use graph database queries to search\find things.
LabVIEW Compatibility
20 and up.
How would the user interact with this tool?
At first by typing a query, eventually drag and drop, autocompletion, etc.
Distribution Method
Development Target Cost
A lot up to now. More needed. Amount depends on scope...
Other Notes
This might help:
Status changed to: New

Hey Viebe. 


It looks like a really cool tool. How can people contribute to the project?


All the best


CTD + CLD + Pythonista
Knight of NI

>It looks like a really cool tool.




>How can people contribute to the project?


At the moment, there's no way to contribute to development.


The next milestone is to make a release (around GDevCon '24?) so people can start using it. Probably at least partly closed source.


This will be a pre-beta V -0.01. There's a big gab between a working concept and a production ready tool. 


I like to open source it all.


But as it is there's so many hours in it, and much more needed to make a release.


I'm struggling between simply throwing it in the community and keeping hoops for a (small) contribution in funding (before open sourcing). At least intuitively, opening the source and get (some) funding seem to contradict, but perhaps it doesn't have to. In the rest of the programming world there seem to be open source project getting funding, but in the LabVIEW world I don't know of any free software that people pay for. Not that I expect to ever get what I put into it, but I do have financial obligations...


Open sourcing it does take an effort. There's more to it that simply putting it online. I think a level of maturity is required before collaborating on (any) software.

Status changed to: Development Started
CTD + CLD + Pythonista