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I need to build a program that will study rotor vibration. However, I am not sure if what can be built for me is completely correct. My main point is that I have to add a formula dividing the signal from DAQ by 0.00995. This is shown in the attached picture, but I don't know where to send it to make the signal match
In addition, I need to give a signal on the power spectrum spectrum as a "peak" on the x axis to get the frequency, while on the y g / g axis (vibration load) can be found and I have a problem with that too. Can anyone suggest how to solve this problem.

LabView 4.PNG

LabView 2.PNG

LabView 3.PNG


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Hi wawi,


You can do the division directly on the data wire output from the DAQ Assistant.  The result will still be a data wire.  The second part of your question was not clear to me.  Can you give more detail of what you are trying to do?


In general, using the Express VIs is not the best idea because they hide a lot of functionality and sometimes don't allow you to do exactly what you want.  The Dynamic Data type is a good example of something being hidden (what sort of data does it actually hold?).  All the functionality of the Express VIs can be replicated (and improved on!) using regular VIs from the palettes.



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