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Help with Multi Channel sampling on NXG

Just started using labview NXG a few weeks ago. I have an NI9211 thermocouple card. I wrote up a program to control a heater using the thermocouple and PID control. Everything works great.

When I tried to create another task for a second thermocouple wired to the NI9211 I got errors saying the 50103 "the resource is reserved" or "samples must be > 0.

I see now that I can add the second thermocouple to the original task, but then I have to split the two data streams anyway, as they are being used separately, in different loops.

Taking the training courses, it says you can add multiple channels to a single task, but not if they have different timing rates. This makes it seem that splitting them into different tasks should work, and combining is optional.

Can anyone explain why I can't create a second task for the second thermocouple? Is it a limitation of the NI9211 card? I still haven't figured how to split the data out of the single task either.

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How Many Different Tasks Can Concurrently Run on a CompactDAQ Chassis Gen II? - National Instruments


As above document, we cannot create multiple task on single module.



If you have multiple modules, you can create multiple task up to 3 on cDAQ chassis.

Adding multiple channel into single task would resolve your problem.




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