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Provide a Virtual Machine (VM) in which to run LV RT systems on

Status: In Development

When developing RT code (especially system upgrades) it would be truly helpful to have a virtual machine (VMware, MS Virtual PC, Sun Virtual box, etc....) that would allow us to run the actual VxWorks OS and LVRT in it's native environment, within the Windows OS. This would allow the code to run on the actual RTOS (I realize that determinism would be scacrificed) and provide the ability to actually test the functionality of the code in the actual environment to ensure that it runs as it should. It would also preclude the need to have a bunch of RT controllers sitting on the shelf in the event that you might need them.


There is and emulator for PDA module, why not for RT.


Thanks for the instructions. How to edit  /boot/grub/grubenv for an Industrial Controller  (IC-3173). I figured that the DeviceCode is 0x77AD. What about the TargetClass? I tried TargetClass=IC but I get Error: "TargetClass" not defined when I reboot. Thanks!

Proven Zealot

I searched but couldn't find an idea for having Linux RT on the Desktop, so I made a new idea for that here.  If there were an official method of making a Linux RT Desktop then that would also allow for a VM.


Anybody ever get this working with Hyper-V? It will boot for me to the safe mode prompt but then the keyboard is non-functional.  


I would like to run my VM's in Azure so that is why I am trying with Hyper-V instead of the other solutions that have been suggested.