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Make the AVI functions available at the RIO (RT) level

Status: New

I am using the AF-1501 Frame Grabber Module from MoviMED. Right now I am able to capture and store images in BMP and TIFF formats at the RT level but I would like to be able to create AVI videos at the RT level.

The idea is to be able to record videos and then store them (either in the internal memory of the RIO or in an SD card using the NI-9802). 


The problem is that the RT processor does not run windows and has no cocdecs. Therefore the AVI generation VI's from the vision palet do not work. Even if it is tight to a particular codec, it would be great to be able to create AVI's on the RT target.



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The AF-1501 is pretty much useless to me without this ability. I read somewhere that this might be supported in the next release of LV.