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Make Auto-Assigned Names in Multiple Variable Editor Zero-Indexed

Status: New

When renaming a set of variables for all the channels on a cRIO module, the names are assigned numbers starting with 1. These names do not line up properly with the names of the physical channels, and referencing the inputs becomes confusing with two different assigned numbers. This could be resolved by zero-indexing the numbers that are appended to the name of the channel.




Zach P.

Staff Software Engineer | LabVIEW R&D | National Instruments

We may follow the Excel style to enable user to specify both the string prefix and an index base.Excel.Style.jpg


NI Employee (retired)

To the specific requirement of this cusotomer, I think there is a really easy workaround there:


1. Select the "Name" column in MVE;

2. Press ctrl and click the first cell in "Name" column to de-select it;

3. Input the base name in the second cell, and MVE will automatically update the names to be "basename1", "basename2"...;

4. Select the first cell in "Name" column, and input "basename0".

Active Participant

Inconsistency in index values can be catastrophic, especially if the values are auto-indexed. One index in one location starts at value 0 and another starts at value 1? We lost a good man-week or two tracking down a bug in an RT motion application because LV needed velocity1 and velocity2 names on a *single axis* system. I named them velocity0 and velocity1. It shouldn't have even mattered but it did. "This is a single axis system. There is no velocity 2 channel!!" Smiley Mad


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