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Allow Chassis Temp and USER1 Button to be accessed in Real-Time OS without FPGA Programming

Status: New

Currently, on the cRIO-903x series controllers, the Chassis Temperature and the USER1 push button are only available on the FPGA and require the chassis to operate in a Hybrid Mode in order to use both the Scan interface and those chassis I/O options.


The cRIO-902x series allowed for both of these I/O options to be accessed in the real-time OS directly. This small feature would add convenience on the cRIO-903x series controllers.


LV 6.1 to 2015 SP1
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Unless the Temp can be accessed in both places, I think it's better left on the FPGA for use with Safe Mode functionality.

Tech Advisor - Automation
LabVIEW 5.0 - 2020