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How to synchronize the FieldPoint time with my computer time?

When I using MAX to read the values from my FieldPoint cFP-1804 module, there is and timestamp generated for every measurement, but it does not match my PC's system time. How to synchronize the FieldPoint time with my windows PC?
I found a thread on the forum regarding this problem (, it ask me to select the Time Zone on the System Setting tab, but I didn't find any System Setting tab and Time Zone setting in my MAX screen. (MAX version4.4)
I'm using the cFP-1804 without embedded CPU module, I'm using, measurement studio to link with the cFP-1804, not by using Labview. Does cFP-1804 have a Time Server function? Please tell me how to match the FieldPoint time with my PC. 
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Hi Presario2100,

In Measurement and Automation, after clicking on the FieldPoint system in the Remote Systems section of the configuration, on the Network Settings tab, you should see Time Server as an Additional Configuration.  The time server has to be an NI Logos time server.  NI Logos Services install with NI FieldPoint, LabVIEW Datalogging and Supervisory Control (DSC) Module, and Lookout.  The first suggestion I have is to install (or re-install) the latest version of the FieldPoint drivers from here.  Please let me know if this helps.

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What is NI Logos time server? is it an additional software or hardware? I already install the latest version of FieldPoint drivers 6.01.
I set my desktop IP into the Time Server field. After reboot the system,  but the time still cannot matching. 
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Hi Presario2100,

Logos is National Instruments proprietary mechanism for inter-process communication that is used by NI software products. NI Logos time server is one of the processes that installs with Logos, and it is included in the FieldPoint drivers.  Is the time stamp coming back from your field point an integer number of hours different from the PC?
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Hi Pie56694,
I'm using Measurement & Automation Explorere v4.4 with FieldPoint Driver v6.01 and the Firmware is v6.05. I think the NI Logos timer server already included. Is it right?
The hours, minutes and second different with the PC.
Attachment picture show you the different.

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Hi Presario2100,

I think the NI Logos timer server already included. Is it right?


Thanks for the picture Smiley Happy  Here are a few things to check.
  1. On the host PC, make sure that either the firewall is disabled, or there is an exception for C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\lktsrv.exe on the firewall.  If you make this change, restart the computer and then reboot the FieldPoint controller.
  2. Make sure the IP address of the Time Server on the FieldPoint matches the IP address of the host PC.  If the PC is set up for DHCP, its IP address can change depending on how DHCP is set up.
  3. On the channel configuration tab for the module, make sure that Percent Deadband is set to 0.  Deadband is the change required before the FieldPoint will send updated values to the host.  The time stamp is only updated when updated values are sent.
I hope this helps.

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Hi Pie56694,
It is working after I turn OFF the host PC firewall. But if I turn ON the firewall, just only make an exception for lktsvr.exe, the problem still existed.
Is it have to add any other else exception in the firewall? Because is not good to totally turn OFF the firewall all the time.
By the way, I'm using the time stamp as my data logging time, if the data input from the analog card is a constant value, means that the time stamp will be holding,
so this will also stop my data logging time. I hope my data logging time can keep running even the data is not changing. is it possible to do that? 
Thanks & Regards,
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Hi Presario2100,

There are documents that may help you along.  Please see:

What Ports Do I Need to Open on My Firewall for National Instruments Software Products?

Using Lookout, LabVIEW DSC and Network-Published Shared Variables with Firewalls

As for your timestamp question, let me look into this a bit more.  What you described is expected behavior, but there may be a work-around.

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Hi Presario2100,


In order to obtain an updated timestamp with each FieldPoint Read, you should use a Flat Sequence structure.  In the same frame as the FieldPoint Read, use a Get Date/Time In Seconds node.


The program obtains a fresh Timestamp each time the FieldPoint Read VI is called.


I hope this helps.
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