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Configuration Editor Framework (CEF)

I see that other people have successfully implemented code that uses CEF on a cRIO. I assume that you somehow need to install a CEF package on the cRIO or something? However, CEF does not seem to be available to install through NI MAX...


I have a CEF project, which was developed from the hierarchical template. On the cRIO I would like to have a VI that reads the xml file and stores the configuration data to a cluster. I have made the VI and added to a library, and it is working. However, when I add the library to the RT target on the cRIO, the VI is broken. There are a bunch of error messages. Most of them say: "sub VI not supported by current target" or "wire: type not supported by current target"

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Probably a stretch, but have you tried right clicking on the target and selecting "Deploy All"?  Sometimes that has helped me make sure all necessary libraries, classes, etc. are on the target.

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  Hi granum, do you want to deploy the editor UI to the cRIO or code that is interacting with it.  DCAF uses the CEF as its editor and deploys code to the cRIO in general how DCAF make sure its classes get deployed is by using an includes VI that is just a VI with the classes statically instantiated there.

  Regardless of this a lot of the UI functionality of the CEF will not work in the CRIO as if it was the PC. Real Time does not support sub-panels. 


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Benjamin C
Principal Systems Engineer // CLA // CLED
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Hi Martym

It turned out to be the "generate default" that was the problem. I don't think the crio knew where to look for it, and it all parts of the project related to CEF look broken. That's why I assumed it was a more fundamental issue. I got around it by using a different method to generate the path for the configuration file.


However, I now have another issue. The "" finds the paths to the classes and glyphs relative to the path of the current vi. By ssh-ing into the crio, I can see all the project VIs in the "/home/lvuser/natinst/bin" folder. None of the items I see under "Dependencies" in the project window appear in the folder. Do I need to configure my build in a special way?

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Hi Benjamin

I just want to recreate the "tree" from the xml file on the crio, so I can extract its information. 


If I understand your question correctly, I you if I want to use CEF to generate the configuration xml file as well. this is not the case

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Yes if you just extract he information that you have in the tree and manipulate that data in the cRIO it is possible to do that.  You just need to make sure the classes for the nodes are in the target so you can do the from string and to string for each class. My best recommendation here is to have an include VI that has an instance of the classes and just add it to your main RT VI. That is how we do it in DCAF.


Best Regards


Benjamin C
Principal Systems Engineer // CLA // CLED
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What do I do if I want to pre-populate the trees with a specific node when the app is launched? For example, MAX has Devices and Configurations tree node right at the launch. What is the best practice in accomplishing such on CEF?


Thank you!

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