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Simple TCP/IP Messaging (STM) Component

Post your questions or feedback on the Simple TCP/IP Messaging (STM) component here.
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Hello Doug,

The example "STM Multi-client Example -" has several timed loops with different priority's. I noticed that the high priority task has a priority of "1" and the command  Parser  has a prio  of "100" the medium priority has "50".

Is this intentionally or are these prio's wrong ? ( the help on timed loops says "The higher the number you enter, the higher the priority of the timed structure over other structures")

best regards, John
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Yes, the priorities in the two Multi-client server examples were wrong.
They have been corrected, and the DZ post will be updated shortly.  The updated file is named
Thanks for catching this.

Message Edited by Doug S on 09-18-2007 03:15 PM

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I have run into an issue with Multiple client implimentation in LV2013.  server works well with one client which only sends data to server.  but when a second client connects (only reading )  the loop on the server seems to slows down.  watching timestamps on probe, it looks like 25 seconds per received message.  when second client is stopped the loop slowly recovers as all the messages get received. data being written on server seems to continue as normal.


Implimentation is as close to stock STM multi Client example as you can get.


I actually deployed the RT Server and get the same results as running it 'interactive or debut' 


another group hear ran into the same issue and solved it byt clustering everthing into one big cluster which to me is not a good solution.








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Failed to be specific in what loop gets slowed down.  the server loop that receives messages is the one that slows down.

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Replied to in


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