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LabTOONS, The secret life of LabVIEW objects!

There is nothing wrong with the beautiful colors of our Dutch friends.. 😮 

The world need colors!!  😄

LOL!!  You guys are funny.  !!  Excellent one Altenbach.  Hope you don't mind that I reference it when people abuse those Stacked Sequences!  LOL!! 😄


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Yair wrote " It was a (probably bad) joke on the tendency some European countries (e.g. Holland) have to make things colorful."

Ray wrote "There is nothing wrong with the beautiful colors of our Dutch friends..   "

Isn't there a historical reason behind that? Something like dyes were expensive before the Germans (?) started cooking up petroleum...


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All I know is that Holland has orange as it's national colour representing the royal family I believe......

Sice Orange is one of the brightest perceived colours, maybe all other Dutch colours feel the need to compensate.....

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He, watch your mouth.

Here's the historical information.
The dutch royal family had a princedom in France named Orange after the Oranges (like Orange County).
So the family is named 'Of Orange' this returned into the Jerseys of the national soccer team (and other national teams), so during sporting festivities (like the current European Soccer championships) the main marketing colour is orange.

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He watch your mouth (?!)

Orange is one of the brighter perceived colours for the human eye.  It's the reason why it's used for warning stripes, police cars (in a lot of european countries at least) and so on.

Put several colours alongside each other and orange tends to get the attention.

That's all I meant, no more no less.  In order to get noticed in relation to orange, effort is required.....

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Can somebody please switch back to the LabTOON channel? Smiley Very Happy

Altenbach Thanks again for these very funny and relaxing breaks!

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You'r so right Gabi.

Don't spoil this beautifull thread with this orange stuff.

I don't like soccer and I don't like the world arround me turn into orange.  Smiley Mad   Oh yes I almost forgot I am Dutch  Smiley Happy

Back to the Labtoons, Altenbach I just love it but please keep away from the Orange Smiley Tongue

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(The first in a series about the mindless while loop.)
About belief, illusion, fate, and possibly religion. 😄

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Today is about the art of communication to solve broken relationships. 😄


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Here's a new one from the "field guide" series. 😄
This time we are dealing with self-centered, egoistical constructs.

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