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As far as I understand the philosophy of RESTful services, one should also be able to address the same web resource with different methods, e.g. GET and PUT.


As a practical example, suppose I'm creating a REST API for controlling a data acquisition board, and I implement a method such as:


Here it would be desirable to use the GET and PUT methods on this very same resource, in order to retrieve the sampling rate (GET) and set the sampling rate (PUT).


At the moment, LabVIEW WebServices only allow to set a unique method for each resource, whereas it would be useful to allow multiple methods on the same resource, as shown in the example above.

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This NIST site defines a non-integer factorial:


The result of the computation is used in statistical process control.


I think that LabVIEW should have its VI's compatible with NIST, and "engineered for process control", seeing how they control processes.  The control shouldn't exclusively about operation, but should also have bounds, and quick/effective alerting for out-of-control condition.  (OOC).

Direct CAD-integration from CAD Programs in the Labview to create "Labview CAD control" for 3D-visualization and for 3D-control systems of automation processes.         

Labview CAD Control Demo.JPGBild_5.JPG

When using the waveform datatype in my applications I noticed that the T0 field of this datatype is getting out of pace with the system clock of the machine of where it is running on.

The origin of this behaviour is that time synchronisation only takes place at the start of a measurement session after which waveform timestamps are derived from the measurement device's clock and not from the system's clock. Small differences in clock accuracy cause the clocks to run out of phase.

This effect is especially noticable on applications that are running 24/7 e.g monitoring Industrial continuous processes for weeks at a time.

When this happens and data is saved for analysis afterwards there could be problems synchronizing  this saved data with data of other sources because timestamps are different.

The only way to prevent this is stopping the task and starting it again but this is not always possible due to the nature of the processes monitored.

It would be very nice to have an option in the AIread function  that can automatically synchronizes waveform timestamps with the systemclock on a timely basis.

Funtionally this would be something I programmed in the attached VI.

A customer of mine want to create multilingual applications. They are sloving this right now by im- and exporting strings. They found a tool in the Internet, that can extract texts which can then be processed and be imported again. The VI has then to be saved and compiled, which is very time consuming.

He programmed a tool for a Windows Applications which is working similar. In that tool it is then possible to change the language. But we would need some soft of language lists.


His Idea to slove it easily is to implement subtitles (maybe around 5) in every forntpanelelement in which you could set the translation similar to a button text. The same way could be applied for the tips and the description. These Subtitles should then be switchable during the test to get the proper language version.

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Still today in LV2016 there is a limit to the number of characters read before an error is thrown (It does allow for lines if '\n' exists in the file).  The limiting input here is an I32 which allows for the (-1) entry meaning all characters.  Why couldn't this be a U64 today?  When would you ever want to read '0' characters from a file that you opened?  Have any '-1' entry coerced to '0' which will now mean ALL Characters.  I understand that this I32 methodology has been kept for entries into loops which still maintain the I32 basis.  Shouldn't those also be considered for updating to U64 with any negative number input coerced into 0?

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So after years of using the palettes I am starting to use Quick Drop.


Most of my VIs have Error In and Error Out so I start typing "Error" and they pop up in the list. It would be great if I could use Shift or Ctrl to select more than one item at a time.


I could also see this working if you using other palettes, e.g. perhaps you are working with TDMS files, you might want to drop three or four primitives in one go.




Malcolm Myers


HideLabelsInInPlace.pngIt'd be great if you could hide or just show the 1st letter (and thus color) on the left side of a IPS, forcing both often gives no extra information and steals a lot of space.


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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

it would be greatful, if it will be possible to develop an intelligent debugger, that has the following functionality:

Looking for an error and jump automatically to the VI, where the error occurs, without setting a breakpoint, to find the VI with the failure significant faster.


With kind regards Sönke

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I'm making an SQL statement using the SQL library, but I'm sure this is a LabVIEW and not an SQLite idea.


I have this when I drag down on the "bind parameters".


Each time the drag downwards it goes to a different "bind". 


I want to connect a big stack of integers.


I wish that I could control-drag and get whatever the last one was to stay the same.

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Normally, in the development environment, I make everything nonreentrant just to facilitate debugging. But sometimes, there are small VIs that are called frequently from many callers where it would be nice if I could make them reentrant so they don't block each other when running as an executable.

make reentrant.png

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Much like the control+shift+left click hold and drag to move the page around, is there any possibility of adding the function of making this possible using the middle mouse button? Since middle mouse button click has basically the same function as left click, this seems like a good idea to help navigate through VI easier.


I did search but didn't find anything similar.





LabVIEW on just looks awful. Here's a little gallery of horrors. In my opinion it makes LabVIEW looks very unprofessional. These are all taken from a "stock" LV2016 Full license, installed on Windows 7, taken from some of the windows I see all the time. This list could go on forever!














A lot of these problems seem to originate from using LabVIEW-style controls and indicators into its own windows and panels, which are not rendered correctly. Please save LabVIEW from itself!

If you copy an animated gif to the clipboard, then paste in a pict ring, the animation is pasted as a single image file.  How about having an option to split the animation frames into successive pict ring elements?

This can be done using property nodes, but it would be hugely convenient if the formatting for a enum could be associated with its value.


After reading Restore High Contrast Icons I procrastinated as long as possible before installing LV2016.  When I finally did, I was disappointed by the additional space required for the palettes; all of them!  I have been using LabVIEW since 5.0 and switched to an Icon view of the palettes shortly after getting comfortable with the graphics.  Now, I have to move my mouse further to get to each sub-menu and VI selection.  It's a waste of developer's time and apparently done for absolutely no good reason except to make a change; very similar to the washed out icons.

This extra space needs to be removed or at least an option provided to set the spacing back to the condensed spacing always available.

These images to show the relative size of the palettes LV2016 vs. 2015.

Controls Palette



Functions Palette




Yes, this might seem trivial, until you think about traversing several palettes to get to your needed VI.



*Random example, if one were doing FTP development they'd pin the menu.

** The original size of the above graphic is 1030 pixels wide; less than 800 for 2015.


Quit messing with what works and has become the standard with regards to options.  At least when that ridiculous "default" setting for icons instead of terminals was introduced we could undo the setting in Options

It seems that NI has hired some non-G experts to mess up the interface simply so they can enumerate all the "great" improvements they've made.  Or, was all the extra space to make sure newbies couldn't miss the folder tab, since connecting the "right arrow" on an icon to it being a sub-folder would be too difficult for children?


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I just made my first quick drop plugin, and noticed that you cannot set/use ctrl+arrows, +, - or uncommon characters (like ä) as commands. That'd be nice to do. (LV2011, maybe it's changed in newer)


Once in a while I encounter a case or event list that forces me to grow the structure

- in order to keep the list readable:


It would be nice if the item-list would automatically "wrap" instead.  


A picture is worth a thousand words.


Listbox Control.png


Basically I'd like more control over the text in listboxes.  I want the same level of control that you can get from a string control, where each character in a string element can have custom font settings.  At the moment each line in a listbox must have the same settings.  This idea is to have more control over the font settings of listboxes, and multicolumn listboxes, as well as implementing the property nodes that allows for these settings to be controlled problematically.

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It would be nice to get the Test Case Comment into the report. Also, please add programmatic access to read it out.


Test Case.PNG