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Support for U32, I32 and RGB128 Images / Image Type

Current situation:

More and more image sensors do support bit depths of more than 16Bit.

Just two examples: Aptina MT9M034, Omni Vision OV10640


Currently it is not possible to handle image from those sensors within LabVIEW except as a 2D-Array / Matrix.

Using the SGL image type would be possible on the first sight but it has several disadvantages: storing of those image is not possible and a lot of image processing and calculation function do not support SGL.



Add support for the image types U32, I32 and RGB128. Personally I see the priority at U32 and I32 because those types are needed to handle the RAW data from the sensors.

Very important: Do not just add those types to your typedef! There must be a real support from all basic functions!! Basic functions are in my opinion / for my usage: write to file, read from file, all functions in the palettes "Vision Utilites", "Processing", "Filters", "Operators" and the functions "Histogram", "Histograph",  "Line Profile", "ROI Profile", "Linear Averages" and all other statics functions.

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Those sensors are color sensors, which we do have support for. Let me know if I misunderstood you, but VDM has lots of functions that work with RGB U32.

Trusted Enthusiast
Trusted Enthusiast

I think the idea was grayscale U32 (and I32), not RGB U32.

And in addition, RGB128 (which I am not familiar with), which would correspond to each color plane (and alpha plane) coded on 32 bits.


The sensors are just examples because I cannot tell you the sensors I'm working with. But nearly no sensor does deliver coloured images directly. Usually sensors do deliver RAW bayer images. This means one intensity value per pixel which can be interpreted as a grey value. With the knowledge of the colour pattern orientation the three colour channels can be reconstructed in an additional processing step.

But back to the original RAW image: Each pixel to have more that 16 Bit per pixel. Because of this I need a I32 / U32 image data type. After reconstructing the colour channels the amount of data will be tippled, so I need at least 3x32Bit per pixel. This leads me to the RGB128 DataType. RGB32 (8Bit per colour) and RGB64 (16 Bit per colour) are not suited.


I hope I was able to explain everything understandable. Feel free to come back with more questions.