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 When the OPC-UA client make a connection to the server, the client brows all items what he find at the server. In my case, I have more than 3000 Items. Then the software needs about 20 min to show the items. (I need the number of items, then the SPS is just from more systems)

When I start the aplikation, the used memory of the VB goes up to 1,990 MB and the soft ware have no reaction.

When I modify the OPC-UA server to 30 Items is no problem with the used memory.

Normaly when a client brows the Items, they don't look at all, they look only on the item what they need.

Is it posisble to modify the OPC-UA client from the VB that they look only to the needs items?


The Problem is in WIN7 32/64bit, Win10 32/64bit.

I need only the Vision Builder to evaluation of images of a camera.

I don't need Labview.



Best regards

Amend Harald



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This would help reduce complexity and overhead of VBAI state diagrams.  Often states are created empty with the only purpose is to use transitions to skip or bypass other states.  When a state is disabled, VBAI would skip the steps in the state and immediately evaluate the transitions.   Any transitions which rely on results from a disabled state would be "results unavailable".





Enable right click on the image control to allow menu options normally under Tools->Options->Image Display

Set display pallet

Set 16bit mapping method options