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Calling a python script from VBAI requires many steps.  Please make it simpler and more intuitive to run a Python script directly from VBAI.  Even if limiting the return types to the data types currently available in VBAI would be fine.  This would allow VBAI to easily utilize OpenCV more directly and more intuitively.


Today, the only way to call a Python script is to build the call through LabVIEW, then build the LV VI for distribution to VBAI, then use a call LV step in VBAI.  For simple Python scripts (e.g. manipulating text strings, move, rename or delete files, getting values from dictionaries) this is a lot of unnecessary steps that prevent people from using Vision Builder.  Even seasoned LabVIEW users often have difficulting building a LV step such that it can be accessed by VBAI.


Critical for Debugging: During run, the VBAI step should also return the name and path of the environment being used.



Bonus: A simple Python editor launched from VBAI would be ideal (such as the free version of Visual Studio Code).




Current situation:

More and more image sensors do support bit depths of more than 16Bit.

Just two examples: Aptina MT9M034, Omni Vision OV10640


Currently it is not possible to handle image from those sensors within LabVIEW except as a 2D-Array / Matrix.

Using the SGL image type would be possible on the first sight but it has several disadvantages: storing of those image is not possible and a lot of image processing and calculation function do not support SGL.



Add support for the image types U32, I32 and RGB128. Personally I see the priority at U32 and I32 because those types are needed to handle the RAW data from the sensors.

Very important: Do not just add those types to your typedef! There must be a real support from all basic functions!! Basic functions are in my opinion / for my usage: write to file, read from file, all functions in the palettes "Vision Utilites", "Processing", "Filters", "Operators" and the functions "Histogram", "Histograph",  "Line Profile", "ROI Profile", "Linear Averages" and all other statics functions.

This idea is to have an option in the Image Indicator to change to Image Display.

Currently to get Image Display Developer needs to right click on the Front panel of Image Indicator -- Replace---Select Vision and the needs to select the kind of diplay needed.Image Display.PNG


If by default the right click option provides Display also as an option, then its easy to navigate in single selection.



undo is really a must-have function

It would be very nice to be able to document the state diagram in Vision Builder, at this point the only thing we have is the state name that has to be descritive, that's not a lot...


Ideally, having all the documentation option that we have on a LabVIEW diagram : decorations, bookmarks, text with connected arrow, etc...


The use case is to be able to document the state diagram like a state machine, this is really needed to document inspection templates. 

I don't know what the current official status of AIPD is, but the polymorphic "IMAQ Write File 2" VI which is in the LV palette does not offer AIPD in its selector. For me this means that there is no official support for AIPD anymore.

Unfortunately there is also no alternative for storing SGL or complex images.


My request: Add the AIPD format as an officially supported file format to "IMAQ Write File 2" or offer an appropriate alternative for all image types.



Use case : I create inspection templates in VBAI so that my customers have a base to start from.

I'd love to be able to "lock" a state, just like I can lock a VI in LabVIEW (with the same options : with or without password).

It would be practital if locked states could have a different colour and if we could put some text next to them on the diagram to explain why they are locked.

This way, it would be much easir for my customers to know what part of the inspection they can work on and the part that they are not supposed to modify (sometimes they modify things by mistake, but the undo will one day take care of that)

1) Add a standard image overlays like rulers, gridlines and reticles.


2) Slave the position for an image overlay to the Set Coordinate System step.





Sub-state import / export in VBAI

Use standard / template states across multiple VBAI inspections.  Especially useful for communications methods and data / image logging formatting.


Think subroutines.


there are some vi in vision toolkit that their controls have not any useful information in labview help for user  so many ability of these vi are not discovered by LV user like  me 
for example IMAQ Particle Filter have input control with name of  selection value  inside this cluster we have item with name of Measurement Parameter  that have many mode to select but no detail information for them to know what kind of ability they have 
I think in next version of this toolkit it should be release  with enough information about these controls of  such vis



This could be a good improvement to create good programs in VBAI.

It could be very good if we can set the limits of functions based on variables or previous measurements. It is like how we can use the previous measurements when we Create ROI, select the position of a Custom Overlay.


Without this option, creating a user interface is not really functional, because whenever there is anything new, you need to go to programming interface and change the limits. But if we can enter variables for the limits of a function, we can create a good program to automate the inspections much more.


With this way, the operator can make everything without going to programming.


And it can also be very helpful to create operator independent automated inspections, which is very important for Quality Management System.



Problem Description :
I am unable to enter more than two places past the decimal when entering in
tolerance into the pass inspection if.....
is there an update that can fix this issue? I believe this has never been addressed in any of the new
versions of VB. I can hold micron tolerances but cant do any pass fail because
when i put the numbers in they round up or down. they may be going in but i
cant see them and therefor cant refer back to what was put in because they do
not show past the 2nd decimal place. 



Inspection documentation. 

Display them in the table view and give an option to display them in the diagram view.

Important for documentation.   There is currently a comment field in the table view but no way to populate it.

After checking with support, it appears that as of VBAI 2015 f2 there's no ability to delete multiple VBAI state diagrams at once. I have an inspection with multiple states, and would like to modularize/strip off a small subset of the states to import to another inspection. I can delete one at a time, but would be useful to do this easily.

In Labview, we have an option for saving the VI for a previous version. I think it would be good if we have this feature in VBAI, too. 



Source Control.   Need some way to compare two inspections to show where the differences between two inspections (especially changes to settings) are.

It may be easier to export each inspection to an xml file with all settings, region of interest (if manual), etc.

1) Allow us to easily comment each step 

2) Allow us to easily see comments as we step through the program in config mode

3) Allow us to comment the state diagrams

4) Give a record button in the tool bar in config mode to record acquired images (without having to put down an image logging step in the code)

5) Give a film strip view option (perhaps between the main window and the steps) to show the last n images.  The strip would show the short history of acquired or selected images so it would also work with a multi-camera setup.

6) Give an option when image logging to save the image as shown by the color pallet lookup table displays.  (especially good for 3D or thermal images)


Dear Team.


It would be great to have multi - level password in VBAI.


This Direct option would be very helpful to limit accessible features in inspection interface for operators, line in-charge, supervisor and for managers.


Thanks and Regards,


if VBAI could automatically generate a documentation that show :

- the step liste with the type for each step

- the dependencies between the steps (e.g. when the result of a step is re-used as a parameter in a subsequent step)

- the steps that procude results upon which the final decision is based


here is a basic example made in Excel, feel free to suggest a different model



having VBAI in other languges would helps us pushing it in more companies.