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It would be a useful feature addition to Vision software to add functionality to report coordinates of an object in a new coordinate system. A main use case would be if you needed your region of interest to be based off of one coordinate system, but once your object was located, you wanted to report the location based on a different coordinate system. Building in this functionality would eliminate the need to configure calculator steps to translate/rotate the coordinates.

It would be nice to be able to get multiple circles out of IMAQ Find Circular Edge. For example, if I was interested in the smaller circle below, I could sort the results by size.

Find circular edge.png

In Vision Assistant 2014 SP1, the "Create LabVIEW VI" function does not create a calibration file path in the generated code, for the Image Calibration function.  Instead it reads in all of the calibration information and sets these to constants (or controls if selected it in the wizard) in the generated code.  It would be good if this maintained a reference to the template.