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I had a long lasting SRQ on this one but nothing came out of it and I'm left with the issue.


NI is aware of the issue and the work-around is : do not disconnet a USB device while you have triggered GigE (IMAQdx) acquisition in progress.

SRQ 7395589


I'm being forced to create an idea to try to get more momentum for a CAR to be created.



Timing Step

A very commonly used custom VI for run-time:  Timing step which provides bot the current time and the time lapsed from the last time this exact step was executed.


Provides a benchmarking utility which could be used in runtime.


A Coordinate System is not actually functional in measurement applications.


When we define a coordinate system, it should set the x axis and the origin as 0,0 in mm or pixels depending on the calibration. Currently coordinate system is only working to define a ROI with changing positions. It always get the positions based on the camera's axis. But it also should work like a real coordinate system where you can get X,Y positions of a circle based on a defined coordinate system.


Currently, I am trying to create my own coordinate system by calculating angles, cosines etc. but this function needs to be implemented in standard coordinate system functions.


I'm working on a school project which is a resistor sorter. I'm tried to use the color segmentation from the Vision assistant but I couldn't get a match because the clasifier I used was based on a resistor and can't be used if I changed the resistor. I've also tried this VI but I can't determine the color code via the RGB profil .

1/ How can I make a clasifier file to include all possible colors? 

2/ How can I modifie my VI to get the RGB values of only the bars? 


I've Labview 14.0,  i have to make project involving recognizing colours. I installed Vision Acquisition Software 14.0 but there is something wrong because i don't have this blocks like IMAQ Particle Analysis, Reject Border ect... Is that IMAQdx driver missinng or i need some driver for Windows 10. ? Thank You for help 🙂