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Python Scripting in VBAI

Status: New

Calling a python script from VBAI requires many steps.  Please make it simpler and more intuitive to run a Python script directly from VBAI.  Even if limiting the return types to the data types currently available in VBAI would be fine.  This would allow VBAI to easily utilize OpenCV more directly and more intuitively.


Today, the only way to call a Python script is to build the call through LabVIEW, then build the LV VI for distribution to VBAI, then use a call LV step in VBAI.  For simple Python scripts (e.g. manipulating text strings, move, rename or delete files, getting values from dictionaries) this is a lot of unnecessary steps that prevent people from using Vision Builder.  Even seasoned LabVIEW users often have difficulting building a LV step such that it can be accessed by VBAI.


Critical for Debugging: During run, the VBAI step should also return the name and path of the environment being used.



Bonus: A simple Python editor launched from VBAI would be ideal (such as the free version of Visual Studio Code).





That would be a great add; Python is the largest data scientist scripting language used in my organization.  Typically the opportunities in this space is to be able to bridge the gap between multiple disciplines.  Integrating Python into VBAI would make a large step towards merging data scientists and instrumentation engineers.


Honestly, it would be useful to be able to easily import any labview vi into VBAI




I believe this idea must be taken into serious consideration. I have seen many end user scenarios with third party integration. They find more easy to use competition products for calling Python scripts and choose competition over VBAI.