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Create a common way to change common settings on most cameras

Status: New

I noticed different cameras have different names for setting exposure time. Here's some examples:

  • CameraAttributes::AcquisitionControl::ExposureTime
  • CameraAttributes::Exposure::Value
  • CameraAttributes::AcquisitionTrigger::ExposureTimeRaw
  • etc

It would be really great if there was a way to have one function "Set Exposure" that would work for most cameras. This is analogous to how in IVI, you can have generic instruments and use the generic drivers to control them. Maybe we could assemble some sort of user driven database file we could download to provide a look up for the correct attribute for a given camera.


Another option is to iterate through the list and see if any of those attributes are present on the given camera and apply the setting to the one that's matched.


There's other really common settings like exposure mode (auto vs manual), gamma, gain, pixel format, etc