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Being able to read/write mp4 / h.264 files

It would be _really_ helpful if LabView could read/write mp4 / h.264 files, so please could that be added to a future version? I'm working with a company who generate long mp4 files that are quite efficiently compressed. These need to be analysed using LabVIEW but to create an mjpeg version just so that LabVIEW can open it wastes a lot of time and space + needs another software install. It's embarassing to say that LabVIEW just can't do it. ps please can we have the ability to read / write data fields on AVI files put back in to the latest versions? Thanks
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I agree. At the moment I can read with ffmpeg using the code described here: but it's a kludge. MP4 is universal enough to be supported directly.