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Ability to lock states in Vision Builder AI

Status: New

Use case : I create inspection templates in VBAI so that my customers have a base to start from.

I'd love to be able to "lock" a state, just like I can lock a VI in LabVIEW (with the same options : with or without password).

It would be practital if locked states could have a different colour and if we could put some text next to them on the diagram to explain why they are locked.

This way, it would be much easir for my customers to know what part of the inspection they can work on and the part that they are not supposed to modify (sometimes they modify things by mistake, but the undo will one day take care of that)

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Antoine Chalons

1 Comment

 Effectively a very good idea that could be useful in a lot of cases.

I really agree with it!