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Real-Time Measurement and Control

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Interpolation on the FPGA

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I would like to smooth motion of my linear motor. For example I would like to run a program on the cRIO in scan mode let say 1ms scan interval and then do interpolation between output points (for example from sin wave) on the FPGA scan interval 100us. I wrote little programs but my linear motor does not move at all. I cannot find where I made a mistake or/and something is missing.


Any help will be approciated.


I put in the attachment my FPGA file as well as host file which I run on the cRIO.





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Dear Kamil,

Is it possible to see your labVIEW project explorer file?

Kind regards,


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Accepted by topic author Nemesis

Dear Alex,

Thank you for interested in my topic. I have just figured out how to do it. I went through this example: However I modyfied a bit FPGA interpolation method. The one that is described does nove me smooth enough movement. I attached files if somebody will need one day. I think the case is closed.


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