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Programatically setting voltage range for channel on CompactRIO analog input module (NI 9205) with scan interface

Hi all,


is there a way to set the input range of a channel on my NI 9205 with LabView using the scan interface (i.e. not FPGA interface)?


I found but that only seems to be valid for FPGA modules...

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right click on module listed in the embedded target in the project, select properties

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Thanks, but first word of the header: "Programatically"!


I want to change the voltage range on the fly from a running .vi.

(To be precise the user should be able to set them via a simple config file that's read on startup)

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I just setup a quick project and looks like property is there. Is this what you looking for?

I'm only setting one channel but you can set all of them.




Miro T

National Instruments

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Yes, that's exactly what I was looking for. I just confirmed that it's working and is correctly changing the  voltage range at runtime. Thanks!


Detailed steps to get to what's in  Miro_T's screenshot:

  • In your LabVIEW Real-Time Project expand your chassis
  • Drag and drop the module for which you want to change channel settings into your .vi (this creates a refnum)
  • Rigth click this refnum and choose "Create"
  • You can now select a property / method for which to create a property / invoke node.
  • If you selected a voltage like in the example above you can then right click on the unconnected terminal and choose "Create -> Constant" to get a selection of the valid values.


To be honest I think it's virtually impossible to find this if one doesn't already know where to look (like so often when using LabVIEW). @NI Maybe add yet another KnowledgeBase article with nice step-py-step screenshot instructions? The lack of proper documentation otherwise makes it unnecessarily hard to get such trivial things done...

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Well, seems this is not fully solved yet:

Consider I have a refnum to the channel I want to set the voltage range on, e.g "".

How do I set the voltage range of this specific channel *programmatically*?


In other words: How do I select the required property node programatically?

I can do that now with the steps described above using the UI, but i still have no idea on how I could get this property node dynamically.

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Not sure if I understand your question completly... but why cant you just call the property node in your code? 

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Or are you asking how to create refnums dynamically? If so, see this help document

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