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List of Community Quick Drop Keyboard Shortcuts

I put a control down and ment it to be a typedef, it changed a few times while I was coding. The replace quickdrop shortcut is a life saver, but if i didnt have to type the name every time to replace it would be a slight bit faster.

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Record the ctrl used in a text file for later used.

This VI has the information of the ctrl:

C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2013\resource\dialog\QuickDrop\QuickDrop Launch Window.vi

George Zou
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try the newly uploaded shortcut:

Paste-replace sub VI

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I modified someone elses VI to include showing/hiding labels for block diagram objects.

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Is there some quick-drops, to insert breakpoint? I know that it could be done by right-click, but with quick-drop it could be faster... And if such quick-drop does not exist, is there a way, of how to add breakpoint to block diagram? I've googled a bit, but didn't find the info...

Thanks a lot in advance!

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You could try using LVHotkeys. You just hover over the wire and press b on the keyboard to set/unset a breakpoint.

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It could possibly be faster with a quick drop, but what I always do if I plan to drop more than one is "Shift-Right Click" switch from auto tool to the break point tool.  Then you can just click to drop as many as you want.  Same goes for probes (I use that one a lot more often).

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I think this kind of operation is better with a custom right-click menu, particularly since you can't use Quick Drop at runtime, but you may want to set a breakpoint at runtime. We already have a custom right-click for moving the breakpoint menu options up into the top-level right-click menu, see here.

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Hi all,

Is there any Quick Drop to make any selected object's Label Visible? Ping me if it exists. 

Thanks in Advance

Aravindh S | Certified LabVIEW Developer

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There is a built-in right-click that controls label visibility. Are you looking for extra functionality, a different user interface, or something else? Thank you.

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