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Insert From Clipboard (Multi-Object Support, Native Insert)

This is a QuickDrop function which allows for you to insert objects from your clipboard.  At the moment the default shortcut is Y but after some testing I may make it I and not use the native insert.  The reason for this is because this function should do everything the native insert does, because it actually calls the native insert.

An attempt was made at doing an insert from clipboard earlier, but this new version differs from the original in several ways, which warrants making a new thread.  First the original insert had you replacing the native insert VI with the modified one.  This causes problems when you go to new versions of LabVIEW, because with each version, NI may choose to change the insert and make it handle things better, but because you are replacing the newer version, with your own, you maybe missing out on functionality and compatibility fixes.  For instance the one posted there is from 2012, and any improvements to the insert since then will be lost, unless you open up the new insert from NI and make changes.  This version of the insert actually calls the NI insert making the two live happily together without having to replacing one with the other.

The next major change from the original is this version actually supports multiple objects being in your clipboard.  Lets say you copied two functions that are already wired together.  When you try to insert it, this function will try to insert them both together, and wired the way you had them.  It isn't perfect but it seems to do what you want for the most part.  It does this by creating a subVI from your clipboard contents, then inserting that VI then inlineing it.  So there is potential for it not working right if terminals are in weird locations.  Also the insert location might not be ideal.  This can be improved but for the most part it is ugly and a cleanup might be needed after an insert of multiple objects.

Another addition is if you have a Property or Invoke node in your clipboard it will insert it and keep the method or property selected.  So if you have a property node that is reading 5 properties, when you insert it, it will insert a property node with those 5 properties.  Again the location of the insert isn't the best but it works.

Multiple wire selection, and Shift modifiers work just like the normal insert.  Saved in 2015 (all I have at the moment) I can probably back save if needed.

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Is this a beefed up version of this?



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@James.M wrote:

Is this a beefed up version of this?

It seems that way.  I don't actually remember the details about this.  I've just been using it for years.  I think I made fixes to it to support VIMs, constants, and XNodes better but never released an update as it got kinda messy.

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