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Miscellaneous quick drop plugins from SAPHIR

Here are a few Quick Drop plugins, that we developed and use every day at SAPHIR.

These plugins are the following :

  • Align & Connect : align and connect “Reference” and “Error” inputs/outputs of selected VIs.
  • Add comment : Add a pre-formatted comment on your VI.
  • Control to indicator : Switch between controls, indicators and constants.
  • Disable code : Put a Diagram Disable Structure on the selected part of code.
  • Remove Structure : Remove selected structure, keeping the visible case.
  • Set Connector Pane : Connect controls to the connector pane according to their front panel position.

You can download these plugins and have more information on SAPHIR - Toolkits

Any feedback, comments, improvement ideas will be greatly appreciated!

We hope you will enjoy it like we do 😉 !

Christophe | qmt | Certified LabVIEW Architect
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Updated our tool to be compatible with LV2010 and later...

Christophe | qmt | Certified LabVIEW Architect
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Dear Quick Drop Community


I have been using Saphir Plug Ins with LV2014 for a long time. Now I jump to LV2020. I am missing the "Set Connector Pane" option associated with "Ctrl-E". This links the Controls and Indicators to the Connection Terminals based on their position.

Is there a version that works with LV2020?


When I try to copy the plugin from my LV2014 installation to LV202, it misses "Connect Control to connector pane terminal.vi", which is expected at "_lavacr\scripting tools\public\

Where i can find this library?


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Sorry for the late reply, I did not have any notification about this message...

The VI you are missing is part of the "lava_lib_LabVIEW_API_scripting_tools" toolkit you can download with VIPM.

It should work with that

Christophe | qmt | Certified LabVIEW Architect
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