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Realtek Ethernet Adapter Issues

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So I have an x86 based Linux RT system and it isn't recognizing either of my Realtek gigabit GBE ethernet devices.  I've read a few threads where various ethernet adapters should just work here.  But I'm just one of the unlucky ones that has an ethernet adapter that isn't showing up in ifconfig.  


I'm not much of a linux guy, but I found some drivers listed here, and a git here.  I've installed various essentials packages with:


opkg install packagegroup-core-buildessential

opkg install packagegroup-core-buildessential-dev


But now I'm lost. complains that files or directories don't exist, make doesn't work and generates errors and I don't really know what to try.


Is there just an opkg package I don't know of that has Realtek drivers that I can try?  Thanks.

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Hi Hooovahh,


I am having exactly the same issue as you. Did you find out the SOP to compile Realtek's driver successfully in NI Linux Real-Time?





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NILRT provides more drivers in the feed than what's pre-installed in images. Try installing the "kernel-modules" package first to get additional drivers, then re-connect your device or reboot.


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Hi Haris,


Thanks for the memo.

However, can I get the "kernel-modules" package be offline installed?

The target's eth0 driver has not been installed so that I can't use opkg install command inline.


Thank you,

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Accepted by topic author Hooovahh

You can, but note that "kernel-modules" is a meta-package which installs no files. Instead, it just provides dependencies to other packages ("kernel-module-<something>") that actually contain what you need. You can find all of them in the feed:<VERSION>/x64/main/x64/ .


I suspect that you only need one of the "kernel-module-rtl<something>" packages for your Realtek adapter.


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Hi Haris,


I found these Realtek packages.


It's a pity that NI doesn't provide RTL8111/RTL8168's package.

Thanks for the help.

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