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Measurent of 125 µ amps (125 micro amps)

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Good day,

I have a project where I need to log a galvanometer output that should be in the range of 0 - 125 µa.

The signal isn't fast and takes about 500ms to cover that range but often a lot longer

I have access to a cDAQ chassis and I have a budget for modules.

I'm looking for accuracy and repeatability. 

What hardware would people recommend and any other suggestions would be welcome.


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Accepted by topic author Simon-lee

Use a Current Sense Amplifier to convert the current into a more usable voltage for a DAQ module.

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Since you say "Accuracy and repeatability" and assuming you want some level of calibration traceability,  DMM will be the obvious choice.

This is a good choice,





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Your last three letters already point to my sugessted solution :

a TIA  .. TransImpedance Amplifier 😄


the TIA has an input impedance of about zero Ohm .  build with a OP and a 10 kOhm Feedback you end up in 1,25V



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