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6008 5V & USB Suspend

I should have been more specific with the title.
I cannot get the 5V output to work on pin 31.
The manual says it is off in USB suspend mode.
I do not know what USB suspend is and thus how to change its state.
Any clues?
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Suspend mode occurs whenever the operating system going into a power saving mode such as stand by or hibernate.  Also 5V is not turned on until the device has fully enumerated, so if you attach the device but the driver does not load (or is not installed) 5V will be disabled. 

An easy way to determine the state of the device is to look at the LED.  If its off then the device is either unplugged, not enumerated, or in suspend.  If the LED is blinking, the device is in normal operation mode and the 5V rail should be live.

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Thanks Chris,

I'll check the laptops power saving settings.

The drivers are installed and the LED is blinking.


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I just went through the same experience and then smacked my head... I was testing the top of the screws (only accessible area WITHOUT leads attached... as soon as I tightened the screws... Voltage (4.1V and 2.49V) not sure what that is about! I have been doing DAQ with NI and other devices for 32 years and this is the first time I have seen an isolated terminal screw!

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