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NI 9213 module connected to cDAQ9189 Chassis: Getting noise in thermocouple data

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Hi all,

I am facing a pretty annoying problem that has been consuming most of my time over the past days. My configuration is a cDAQ 9189 with a 9013 TC module and using flexlogger to record the data


now when I am using the thermocouples to connect to the controller of my furnace there is no noise in the controller's panel. But when I am placing 20 more thermocouples inside the furnace and connecting it through the NI DAQ there is lot of noise in data. I have attached the graph.  Can anyone guide me how to reduce the noise?

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Did you intend to post your question to the Lookout forum? The issue you are trying to resolve will get a better response in a group dedicated to DAQ. Try posting to Multifunction DAQ:



David C
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